Heart Beats All
Genre: Young Adult – Fantasy
Completed: March 2007
Toni Ryan is a high school junior who was adopted when she was a baby. Her biological parents left her with a mysterious necklace that she’s starting to make theories about. She’s kidnapped from her home in the dead of night after returning home from a date with her long time crush. All she has to do now is find a way to somehow defeat the villain and get back home with a little help from her necklace, a new friend and the memories of life at home.

Portal of the Past
Genre: Young Adult – Horror
Completed: November 2006
High school junior Rachel ‘Rae’ Marcellus is no average teenager. From her love of the streaks of ‘blood’ in her hair to her belief in the supernatural, almost every aspect of her life is far from normal. But it hasn’t always been that way. Rae had the surprise of her life the previous year when a disembodied voice belonging to her deceased grandfather told her only she was able to close a portal in her attic! In a race against time to keep all hell from breaking loose, literally, Rae finds the most important, and reliable, thing she has on her side is her past.

Second Chances
Genre: Young Adult – Horror
Completed: December 2008
Gracie Rawlings wanders her house unnoticed, with good reason. Both she and her best friend, Leigh Knox, were murdered over a year ago and now they’re stuck on Earth as ghosts. All they can do is sit and watch as everyone else lives their lives. So when it seems like everything is going her way and fate is giving her a second chance at life, Gracie embraces it with open arms. But will she be able to change what is, at the same time, her past and the potential future of both her and her best friend?

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