Week Two NaNo Update

The week of doom (aka Week 2) is going…. going… gone! Time for the awesomeness that is Week 3 to begin!

I’m currently at over 22k words, just a little bit behind today’s quota. I’m actually kind of amazed at how close I am to today’s quota given how difficult a few days during Week 2 were for me. There was one day where I wrote nothing at all, and then two other days when I only wrote between 300 and 500 words. I think I may need to give credit to last night’s write-in as I added over 2,000 words to my word count while I was there in between all the chatting, laughing and snacking. Not to mention all the great ideas for future scenes I got from our random conversations!

This week I’m going to do my best to get a nice little cushion before the familial obligations that come along with Thanksgiving, and anything else that might come up, distracts me from my writing. I also need to get my story moving just a bit faster so that I can get to Day Three of my story (it takes place mostly over the course of four days with a few scenes set on two other days).

Once again, I’ve included a sampling of my stats and progress for the week. The only thing that is a combination of both weeks is the word count. At the end of the month I plan on doing a comparison of the weeks.

Total Word Count: 22,597 (45.19%)
Characters Written: 7
-6 will be heavily featured throughout
-1 will be featured from time to time and continue to be mentioned
Characters Mentioned: 12
-2 will be featured from time to time and continue to be mentioned
-9 will continue to be mentioned, some may surprise me and be featured
-1 will possibly be mentioned again, no immediate plans
Scenes Written: 18
-11 will be kept mostly as is
-7 will be entirely rewritten or deleted

Last Line: Kayla looked up at Evan and said, “And you thought I was weird for wanting to eat popcorn before noon.”

Official NaNoWriMo Stats
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